For over 20 years, Michelle has been a featured presenter at health industry, business and women’s conferences.  She has also facilitated hundreds of hours of group strategic planning, culture and leadership related discussions, and intensive 2-3 day working sessions and retreats.

If you attend one of her future sessions, she encourages you to complete the survey your host will provide and share your feedback.  Michelle does take your words to heart.  She wants to know your takeaway ideas and thoughts.

Below are a few examples pulled from feedback surveys after hearing Michelle’s messages.  References will be provided as requested through the engagement booking process.

  • “Thank you again Michelle for your presentation yesterday.  I had so many positive comments.”
  • “She was amazing!”
  • “Wonderful, it was entertaining and informative.”
  • “Her staff retreats were well organized and very motivational.”
  • “Very informative & helpful.”
  • “Energizing, relevant, reinvigorating.”
  • “Inspirational, encouraging, and motivational.”
  • “Truly wonderful. Exceeded expectations.”
  • “Enlightening, encouraging, empowering.”
  • “Awesome speaker.”
  • “Engaging, easy to listen to and her content was so relevant.”
  • “One of the best lead speakers we’ve every had!”
  • “My only complaint is that she wasn’t given more time.”
  • “Very entertaining, engaging and dynamic.”
  • “The retreat reminds me about what it means to be a caregiver.”
  • “I wish we could have retreats like this quarterly to keep the positive energy going.”
  • “We will use this retreat to improve patient and employee satisfaction.”
  • “Enjoyable, renewing, inspiring”
  • “This experience was successful and just about right in all aspects.”
  • “Great team-building experience. It helped to cultivate a new sense of internal community.”