I believe that if you are fortunate to discover one thing that you really love to do, you should work hard to develop and nurture it, and express gratitude every day for the opportunities afforded to you.  For me, and at various stages in my life, I have been blessed beyond measure to develop and experience the joys of three passions.

1) Cooking

Feeding the people I love and care about

2) Golfing

Challenging myself to overcome a host of fears, build my confidence, and restore relationships

3) Traveling

Exploring the world with new purpose and seeing it with the love of my life

All three of these activities, these passions of mine, teach me great lessons in leadership and inspire my work in many ways.  The parallels are as simple and applicable, subtle and sometimes, quite remarkable.

Time management, planning, communication, preparation, strategy, critical thinking, practice, discipline, conditioning, flexibility, patience, attentiveness, the art of improvisation, and best of all, the magnificent gift of letting go of the things of which I have no control.

I hope these reflections, recipes, stories and photos, many of them taken by my talented husband Karl, whose passion is photography as it happens, provide you with a few new ideas, some inspiration, and smiles.

I’d love to hear from you. Please share with me how you transform your passion into purpose.