So this is my son and his wife’s company, Their product was recently featured on an HGTV program, and they’re receiving all sorts of great industry press and social media success. I’m sharing it with my LinkedIn community because, well, first and foremost, I’m so very proud of them. After attending college, securing a really good job and doing well in that job, he took the risk that all of us with entrepreneurial spirits do, Boy has it paid off. Dog lovers are waiting six months or more for their Doggie Den (which they trademarked of course.) Smart and ambitious they are indeed!

In May of 2017, I’ll mark 28 years as an entrepreneur. I started Impact! Communications, Inc. in 1989. I was bitten by the self-employed bug early and never turned back, even during those tough, uncertain years with all of the ups, downs, and lessons in being a self-leader. I followed in my father’s footsteps – not his industry (he was a manufacturers rep in the uninterruptable power supply biz) but nonetheless, running my shop. My dad retired a few years ago after building his company that he worked so hard for, for over 40 years. His risk was enormous. He was a single father with custody of four very young daughters.  My oldest sister is also a successful entrepreneur. She’s been taking on the complex world of data archival for some years. Like our father, we are strong, independent, and determined. My son is too.

I believe that the backbone of this country are its entrepreneurs. Hungry, passionate, fearless (maybe a little scared from time to time) and filled with dreams to make a difference, contribute to goodness, and be in control of their destiny. Give a high-five, thumbs up, or a fist-pump to a new entrepreneur when you meet one. When industries are uncertain, and the markets are volatile, entrepreneurs keep pressing on and reinventing. That’s been my experience with just about every entrepreneur I’ve ever met.